Invitation Letter

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Philadelphia Area Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (PhiTOPSS), we invite you and your AP Psychology students to participate in PhiTOPSS’s second annual AP Psychology Exam Regional Review to held on Saturday, April 22nd at Cheltenham High School in Wyncote, PA. Last year, teachers and students from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland came to review themes and concepts that are tested on the AP Psychology Exam. The review begins with a practice exam that has been written specifically for this review. Students are provided their results and a summary of themes in which they scored best and ones that they may need to review.

The review sessions, which are based on major units of the AP Psych curriculum, are conducted in a convention format. Students attend the sessions that they would like to review the most. Sessions are facilitated by psychology teachers who volunteer their services and resources. The day concludes with a Kahoot-based psychology trivia competition, which also provides another means of formatively assessing their knowledge as they prepare for the exam. Because this takes place one week prior to the exam, it can provide guidance to both you and your students as you prepare in class leading up to it. Last year’s review was well-received, with many students reporting being better prepared for the AP Exam as a result of their attendance.

We also have the honor of having Alan Feldman, who will present a special session, tentatively, on strategies for writing successful Free Response Questions. Alan’s contributions to the teaching of psychology are extensive. His experiences as an AP Psychology teacher and Exam Reader will provide valuable insights to both students and teachers.

The cost to attend is $4 per student, which goes towards funding future PhiTOPSS activities. PhiTOPSS member schools pay $1 student (a school may opt to join PhiTOPSS at the review in order to obtain the discount – membership is $5 per school). Lunch is also sold at a price that is near cost (so as to not to make a profit). You can pre-register your school here

This event cannot happen without volunteers! Please consider offering a session or helping run the operations of the event (e.g., distributing lunch, etc.). Those who offer sessions will be provided with free lunch and free attendance for up to five of their students.

We hope that you will consider attending this review with your students. If you would like to pre-register your school or would like to sign up to run a session, please do so here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!


John Mohl & Maria Vita

John Mohl, Cheltenham High School

Maria Vita, Penn Manor High School

Philadelphia Area Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools

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